(Kinda) Korean Eggs

Yesterday, before I headed to class, I bought a Korean appetizer set (and a cod roe onigiri–Japanese rice ball) as a quick in-class dinner. I ended up not eating one of the appetizers (the set had three): shredded daikon salad that was way, way, way too salty. (Did I say salty?) That became fodder for breakfast of (kinda, sorta) Korean eggs this morning; a familiar pattern around here.
kinda Korean eggs with daikon, scallion & dried shrimp

Taking the cue from the Korean-style daikon, I used sesame oil instead of the usual butter. Then I toasted some dried shrimps in the hot oil, added scallion and daikon, then beaten eggs. The daikon salad was so salty the dish didn’t need any further seasoning, but I splashed just a bit of dashi-shoyu from Wakaki in Kitakata (soy sauce with some sugar and bonito stock already mixed in–handy!) for the aroma.

Breakfast today:

  • Korean eggs with daikon, scallion and dried shrimp
  • 1/2 all-butter croissants (which was somehow better than yesterday’s specimen)
  • 1/2 peanut butter toast
  • Strawberries & yellow peach

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