Mexican Chorizo Scrambled Eggs

I love chorizo, here the aromatic and spicy Mexican sausage of dubious composition, not its firmer, drier Spanish cousin. My first introduction to the sausage was the one from a neighborhood grocery store that Flaneur used to frequent back in Chicago. (He lived in a heavily Mexican neighborhood.)

Orange and gleaming, it looked dubious in the butcher’s refrigerated case, and it still looked dubious cooked in the pan. The texture didn’t disappoint–it was dubious. I mean, what’s that weird tendony thing? And how come it seems so… I don’t know, gut-like and pasty at the same time? But it tasted good, nice and aromatic. It’s better not to think about what’s in these things, really. At least that’s what I decided, because, you know, I like the chorizo flavor, if not the texture.

The chorizo scrambled eggs today sport some leftover from a torta I had for dinner. I like using chorizo to spice up breakfast eggs but I don’t do it often enough–I need to find a good purveyor in our NYC stomping ground. I’m sure there are good ones in Corona, but that’s a little out of the way for me.

Mexican chorizo scrambled eggs


Breakfast this morning:

  • Chorizo scrambled eggs with shallot, Cubanelle pepper and cilantro
  • Pane di Casa toast
  • Strawberries

After a drenching storm on Monday, the last few days have been a respite from the sticky heat that had enveloped the city. I’m feeling a little more energetic. Not only did I clean all the breakfast dishes and wipe down the counter (which has become a habit now–my mom would be amazed to hear that), I even boiled corn before heading out for work! One of them will be in a cole slow for dinner; the other one, I’m planning to use in a corn fried rice for dinner tomorrow.

If low humidity and moderate temperature makes this big of a difference, maybe I should decamp to a highland city like Boulder. Hmm.

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