Okonomiyaki Breakfast Semi-Fail

Both Flaneur and I love okonomiyaki, the doughy, eggy Japanese pancake stuffed with cabbage and most anything, then topped with sweet Worcestershire-like sauce, mayo, bonito flakes, nori flakes and pickled ginger. It’s usually a lunch or dinner item in my family, but ingredient-wise, okonomiyaki is pretty breakfast-friendly.

okonomiyaki breakfast

The other day, I fried up a giant specimen for breakfast and shared it with Flaneur, who was visibly happy to find an okonomiayki on his breakfast plate. Given that this was an unplanned breakfast, I didn’t have cabbage on hand, so I improvised with peppers, grape tomatoes, bacon and Vermont smoked cheddar (from Sugarbush Farm). It was perfectly serviceable, but I learned a lesson: Okonomiyaki needs cabbage, no matter what. Somehow, without the cabbage, the texture gets a little too doughy/pancake-like, which is not quite right for okonomiyaki.

I know better for next time.

Breakfast a while ago:

  • Okonomiyaki breakfast (grape tomatoes, pepper, smoked cheddar, bacon, bonito & nori flakes, mayo, okonomi sauce, pickled ginger)
  • I’m sure we had some fruits, but I don’t remember exactly what anymore.

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