Sausage & Cole Slow Breakfast

I did something different this morning: Skipping eggs for breakfast!

This doesn’t happen very often, what with my general need for protein in breakfast and eggs being one of the easiest, seemingly least unhealthy sources of protein. But eggs every morning does get old, and I needed a change.

I unearthed a packet of Japanese kilobits (WTF, Autocorrect!? I typed kurobuta, not kilobits!) sausages from the freezer, which I fried up, and paired them with some leftover corn cole slow, bulked up with sliced (and salted-then-squeezed-for-crunchiness) Persian cucumbers. Quick and delicious, and crucially, different!

Breakfast this morning:

  • Cinnamon raisin toasts
  • Japanese sausages
  • Rather cucumber-heavy cole slow

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