Caramelized Soy-Butter Corn Eggs

A summer izakaya staple in Japan is soy-butter corn, plump corn kernels sautéed in butter and seasoned with soy sauce. As the soy sauce hits the hot skillet, it gets slightly caramelized and its umami and aroma intensify, coating the sweet corn with an amazing grill-like awesomeness. It’s a second best thing to getting corn on the cob, grilled on charcoal and brushed with soy sauce from a stand at night festivals.

caramelized soy-butter corn eggs

Yesterday, while I was making dinner, Flaneur diligently dislodged the kernels off two boiled ears of corn. A handful of them found themselves in soy-butter corn eggs this morning. I sautéed halved grape tomatoes and corn kernels in butter, splashed them with soy sauce (maybe a teaspoon?) and black pepper, and poured in the eggs.

Though I overslept by something like 45 minutes, this caramelized soy-butter corn eggs was quick enough to get us fed and out the door on time. Hooray! … Gee, I think I’m tired.

(Disclosure: I do normally get up a lot earlier than I absolutely have to, so oversleeping is not a huge deal unless I really go overboard. I just hate feeling rushed in the morning and worrying that I might not make it on time.)

Breakfast this morning:

  • Soy-butter corn eggs with grape tomatoes (scallions would be nice, too…)
  • Pumpkin-sesame toast
  • Apple (crisp pink)

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