Forgotten Cabbage Love, or Why Cabbage for Breakfast Is Awesome

You know, cabbage for breakfast is awesome. This post is an ode to that.

Sometimes–actually, pretty often–I forget how much I love cabbage. I’d go without having one in the fridge for months at a time, if not years. I think the size of the head is a deterrent for our two-people household, but it shouldn’t be, as cabbages last forever. It’s pretty weird that I so rarely have cabbages on hand.

I picked up a head about a month ago after, oh, I don’t know, maybe 3 years of not buying one, and since then, I’ve been re-hooked by the cabbage. I’ve been using them in stir-fries, warm and cold salads, in okonomiyaki, in ramen and for breakfast, as I did this morning.

why cabbage for breakfast is awesome

Cooked, cabbages have such a distinct sweet flavor that goes awesomely with smoked meats and eggs, which makes them a pretty good breakfast ingredient. They cook fast, too, which is another plus. I suppose you could add to the list of “o cabbage, let me count the ways,” if you cared about such things, that they are full of dietary fibers, low in calories, and chock full of vitamins C and K, but these things matter less to me. The bottom line: Cabbages are delicious quickly sauteéd and mixed into scrambled eggs.

Oh, and cabbages haven’t been discovered by culinary “trendsetters” (ugh), so they are cheap, unlike those bags of baby kale! 😛

Breakfast this morning:

  • Scrambled eggs of unrequited cabbage love (with sausage and carrots)
  • Cinnamon raisin toasts
  • White nectarine (very meh…)

Writing this, I’m suddenly craving cabbage rolls–I guess I should visit Polka Dot soon!

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