Crunchy Cheddar Waffles with Black Pepper

I’ve been derailed by end-of-semester projects, sinking ship at work and some schedule changes lately. Tomorrow, I’ll be done with summer semester, and I can breathe. For now, just another breakfast: Crunchy cheddar waffles with black pepper. The cheddar cheese chunks melted beautifully, and formed a crunchy crust here and there, while the abundant black pepper gave it a spicy kick, a nice contrast to the slightly sweet batter.

crunchy cheddar waffles with black pepper

I usually reserve waffles, pancakes, French toasts and other involved goodies for weekend breakfasts, which is probably silly, because they don’t take that much more time to make, particularly the waffles, which don’t even need flipping. French toast requires a bit of pre-planning, which might be beyond my (very limited) plan-ahead abilities, but after making these crunchy, cheesy, spicy waffles this morning, I think waffles can–and should–be in my weekday breakfast rotation.

What removed the mostly psychological hurdle from weekday waffles was a bag of pancake mix from Japan. Each little bag contains just the right amount of flour, sugar, baking powder and other powdery things for pancakes (and waffles, apparently) for two. All you need to do is add an egg and some milk, mix in anything you want, and cook the batter. Pre-made mixes always feel stupid and wasteful to me (after all, they are charging SO much more for just a mixture of simple things that I already have in my cupboard), but having one on hand really makes it easy and spontaneous, psychologically, to make waffles or pancakes for weekday breakfast, as it eliminates the need to pull out bags and jars from different areas of the kitchen, measure things out, and put them all back in again.

The light bulb moment: Maybe I should try making my own pre-made mixes and store them in pre-portioned Ziploc bags. Then, all I need to do is exactly the same as if I was using a store-bought mix; pull out a bag, mix the content with eggs and milk, and cook the batter. All at a fraction of the cost of a store-bought mix. Hmm…

Breakfast this morning:

  • Crunchy cheddar waffles with black pepper (a lot of it!)
  • Pineapples (for me) or honeydews (for Flaneur)

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