Sort of Greek Spinach Eggs

Doesn’t look all that different from the spinach scrambled eggs a few days ago? Well, you’d be correct, except that this one contains a generous sprinkling of Greek oregano, which adds a wonderfully bright, lemony zing to the dish. I huff the little ziploc bag of the stuff like a drug addict every time I use this herb, I confess.

It would have been more Greek if the cheese was feta; I used a cave aged cheddar I had on hand, so the eggs are only “sort of” Greek. Crusty olive bread from Balthazar adds some more Greek touch (and the neighborhood in which this breakfast was eaten, I suppose), but where’s the yogurt?

Sort of Greek Spinach Eggs

Anyway… breakfast this morning:

  • Toasted olive bread
  • Greek spinach eggs with cheddar & oregano
  • Raspberries, cantaloupe, yellow peach

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