Intense Tomato Chilaquiles

We have a new distraction at home, a fuzzy, purry kind. We’ve had him–a sweet orange tabby kitten we found by a church in our neighborhood–for about two weeks, and it’s been a blast (especially at the crack of dawn, ugh). One of the unintended effects of this new addition to the family is the uptick in to-go meals, because we want to hang out with him at home than spend that time waiting for our food at a restaurant. Last night, we had a Mexican dinner in this manner, and the leftover made it into breakfast this morning: tomato chilaquiles.

intense summer tomato chilaquiles

Chilaquiles, as a breakfast dish, usually consists of deep-fried corn tortilla pieces cooked with scrambled eggs and topped with a salsa. I tend to add one or two vegetables to liven up the dish that can be a bit on the heavy side. Today, I used some chopped up Long Island tomato that added an intense, savory, summery flavor to the dish. Topped with some sort of mayo-based cilantro sauce (that came with the dinner), it was a satisfyingly junky start of the day!

Breakfast this morning:

  • Intense tomato chilaquiles
  • Toast
  • Yellow peach (for me) & cantaloupe (for Flaneur)

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