Long Island Tomato Sunny-Side Up

Sautéed tomato sunny-side up and a croissant, using a weekend bounty from Long Island. I’m loving the bright red and yellow against the white plate.

tomato sunny-side up with oregano

Every time I bring home tomatoes from farmers markets, I’m blown away by how much more flavor they pack. The difference from a grocery store tomato is like day and night, heaven and hell, summer and winter, whatever. It’s hard to believe that they even belong to the same species!

As I indulge in the savory, green, intensely tomato-y juices, I’d resolve to only get fresh tomatoes from farmers markets, dangit, for as long as they are in season. Then I relapse and buy tomatoes from grocery stores out of sheer laziness and get used to their sad, watery blandness, vaguely dissatisfied. Then another farmers market beauty falls in my hands and reminds me of how amazingly wonderful a tomato can be, and I regret all my sins.

That’s the cycle I go through every summer. It’s stupid, but I’m obsessed with walking, and life happens. And that means sometimes farmers markets can’t.

Breakfast this morning:

  • Sautéed Long Island tomato sunny-side up with zippy Greek oregano
  • Balthazar croissant
  • Cantaloupe & white peaches (also from Long Island)

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