Sour Cherry Compote

I’d picked up a little bit of sour cherries from the Greenmarket at Union Square a while back, and made some sour cherry compote (just sour cherries and sugar cooked together on medium-low heat). The cherries didn’t look to be in great shape–a lot of them had iffy dark spots–but as a compote, they turned out all right. This morning I finally had the chance to eat the sour cherry compote over Greek yogurt. Such a refreshing treat for a summer breakfast.

sour cherry compote

My Romanian coworker once told me about a sour cherry soup that she used to make: A popular summer soup in the Hungarian area of Romania, made with sour cherries, sour cream, sugar and spices. She lamented that it’s so difficult to find sour cherries in the US, unless a neighbor or a friend shares the bounty from their own tree that she hardly ever makes the soup, but it’s stayed in my head ever since. I’m not sure if my brain can process something sweet, tangy and served chilled as a “soup,” but it sounds wonderful. One day, I’ll make it. One day…

Breakfast today:

  • Greek yogurt with sour cherry compote
  • Paris Baguette‘s chocolate chip bread (ooh, junky good)
  • NJ yellow peaches & raspeberries

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