Pear Cream Cheese Danish from Paris Baguette

A breakfast of no aspirations: a pear cream cheese danish from Paris Baguette, plus a supermarket potato salad (gasp) and a guilty nod to “healthy,” a few grape tomatoes excavated from the veggie basket in the fridge.

pear cream cheese danish from Paris Baguette

My weekend was shot, with a strategy case paper due this evening, so this is all I could manage. (I’m done, though–yay!) I spent a huge amount of time and brain energy on it because I rather enjoyed the project, but yeah, I’m exhausted. It’s surprising how tired I feel, considering that I haven’t had much physical exertion in the last 3 days or so. (Well, actually, I’m wrong: I did manage to put in some gym time on Saturday, but I know that’s not why I’m so tired this morning.) I definitely need to work on my body so that its tiredness level will catch up with my mental exhaustion.

The potato salad, to which I added a chopped-up boiled egg plus extra salt and pepper, was kinda disappointing, even with the additions. It was lacking something, I don’t know what. I’m generally not too fond of salads made with American mayonnaise, so this may be just another manifestation of that preference. Kewpie rocks! (Googling for a good Kewpie reference in English, I learned that there’s a freakin’ recipe to make Kewpie mayonnaise. Not for the sloth in me, but wow, I guess I’m covered if I ever move to a place without ready access to a Japanese grocery. Good to know.)

Anyway. Breakfast today:

  • Pear cream cheese danish
  • Potato-egg salad & grape tomatoes
  • Strawberries

Actually, the pear cream cheese danish, which appeared to be a new item at Paris Baguette, was also disappointing. Not much pear flavor in the caramelized pear topping, and the danish part was surprisingly meh, considering that they are one of the best chain bakeries in my opinion for flaky, buttery pastries. I guess I’ll be sticking to my favorite, the sweet potato pasty.

What Happens to Your Weekend When You Are in Grad School Part-Time

This happens:

This weekend has been completely consumed by a 10-page strategy case paper plus a presentation. I think I’ve been working on this thing for the better part of the last 48 hours. Which means my food intake suffers: I had a salad from a local cafe for dinner last night, and for tonight, I’m eating the leftover salad bulked up with (dying) lettuce and grape tomatoes from the fridge.

It’s delicious and refreshing on a hot summer evening, yes, but it’s just not an ideal Sunday dinner. o_O

The redeeming feature is the beer, a fantastic farmhouse rye ESB from Long Trail. (I think this beer, and the style in general, is thoroughly underappreciated in the US!) Doing homework while drinking is one benefit of being an adult student. 😛

If all this sounds like I’m whining, I am, kind of, but I want to make it clear: I’m totally enjoying this, despite the sacrifices. The case is an interesting one, and I’m having a lot of fun slicing and dicing the information and synthesizing what we’ve learned in class and from all the readings to come up with a bullet proof strategy (well, at least that’s the idea). It’s a blast. Now back to work!